Livgardet is the Swedish word for “Life Guard”

Not unlike the Swedish Army Regiment they’re named after, livgardet llc’s motto is: “Possunt nec posse videntur = They can do what seems impossible.”

With Stephanie’s extensive experience in business, taxation, and accounting she and her associates are offering a lifeline to business owners who are navigating the choppy waters of the Internal Revenue Code and State taxation.

“Ordinary and reasonable” expenses for MJ business owners are anything but that, since businesses engaged in the sale of marijuana are considered to be “trafficking in drugs” since the 1982 federal law was passed and is enforced by the IRS.

There is some guidance about how MJ businesses can deduct expenses for some items, but recent tax court cases complicate this guidance.


Stephanie C. Svenonius, EA, MST, NTPI Fellow

Stephanie owns and operates a tax practice in Hampton, New Hampshire serving clients all across the country. Stephanie specializes in business tax planning, proactive tax planning, tax preparation, and IRS Representation.

Stephanie is an enrolled agent who is admitted by the US Treasury to represent clients in every US State. She has a Master’s in Taxation from Bentley University, and is a Fellow with the National Tax Practitioner’s Institute. She has extensive experience in owning and operating businesses across the country and enjoys partnering with her clients to help them succeed.

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